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Why Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is simply being proactive with your happiness. When something is important in life like your health or your career, you enlist the help of professionals. What could be more important than choosing the right partner to spend your life with? Matchmakers make this crucial step in your life their priority. You owe it to yourself to get a matchmaker on your side.

Safety. Genuine people.

Dating in the age of the internet should be better than ever before with a larger pool of potential matches and easier meeting and communication; but people can easily misrepresent themselves in online profiles. You can reach out, only to discover that the person on the other end is older than they stated, looks different, or even is married! We screen every client in person and conduct background checks. Don’t you feel better already?

Experienced Professional Matchmakers

The team behind Professional Matchmakers has been in the forefront of matchmaking since the eighties. The internet has revolutionized dating in recent years, but it’s just one of the tools in the hands of our matchmakers. Experienced professionals finding, screening, and coaching local singles has put thousands of people onto expedited paths to the happiness and fulfillment they desire.

Who We Are

Matchmaking has been around forever, but it was the province of well-meaning friends and relatives. The knowledge and experience was not accumulated and transferred beyond that individual, and the results were unpredictable, varying with the talent of the matchmaker. Professional Matchmaking is a fairly new area of expertise and an advance over the well-meaning amateur because a businesslike approach led to analyzing results and improving techniques. As a result, it has become much more reliable.

The team behind Professional Matchmakers entered the field in the 1980s. We joined in pioneering the next great advance in matchmaking, utilizing the internet. Think of Professional Matchmakers as experienced, results-oriented pros that command current technologies, but still offer a personalized experience in the service of your relationship fulfillment.

What We Do

Working with Professional Matchmakers begins for you and for every other client with a face-to-face visit to our office. We verify that you are who you say you are. We get to know you and what you are looking for in a match. This includes our Personal Compatibility Assessment™ that helps us get to the heart of your personality; things you may not even be conscious of.

We get our professional matchmakers involved in locating suitable matches for you and putting the two of you in touch. Our ongoing marketing efforts reach the cream of singles in your area.

All matches are by mutual agreement and face-to-face. After each match, you give us feedback to help us refine our efforts. Coaching is available.

Matchmaking is a positive journey that can teach you about yourself, make you a better person, and give you time spent (maybe even a lifetime) in the company of quality individuals who share your desire for an enduring relationship.

Why You Should Talk To Us

Even if you are just beginning (or beginning again) to date, you could enlarge your pool of potential partners and save your time and efforts for the ones that share your values. If you’ve been an active dater, you may be reeling from the emotional buffeting of online dating, or just wondering where all the good ones are. If you want a different outcome, you have to try something different. If you want results, you engage the pros. Working with a Professional Matchmaker is simply taking charge of your future happiness, and today is the day to get started.

Why today? Much has been written on the subject of seizing the day and living in the here and now. The right relationship makes every bit of the here and now better. You’ve read the studies. People in committed relationships enjoy better health, go farther in their careers, and have a sense of fulfillment, not to mention the joy that only comes in love. What part of this do you want to postpone or even miss entirely? That’s ‘why today.’